Skin Care : My Tea Tree Skin Care Regimen Update

Hey Glam Royals,

Last year, one of my biggest achievements as far as beauty is concerned,was how I successfully got rid of the irritations and some acne spots off my face. Getting rid of those was such a huge deal to me and I did facial treatments, used so many products but nah…none worked till I found the Superdrug Tea Tree cleanser/toner!

I posted an article on it a while back. Please click here if you haven’t read it yet. So, just before I ran out of my 2nd bottle of the Superdrug Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner, I went back to Poise at Ikeja City Mall in Alausa and they didn’t have in stock anymore…*wails*. Ah serious strong thing,I tell you! Anyway, when I went to get the 2nd bottle of the cleanser,I picked up a foaming face wash by Superdrug too and it has my no 1 face ingredient in it…Tea Tree Oil. The wash is also currently out of stock at Poise :(.

So,in my bid to get a substitute here in Lagos, I found Dr Organics Tea Tree Pure Oil…yay! and some products on Konga that had tea tree oil in them . I went ahead to read reviews online and decided to give some of the Beauty Formulas products,a try and I’m glad I did ’cause they are fantastic.

I wash my face with the Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, morning and night,then I go on to wash with the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash. I use the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Facial Mask once a week to get rid of underlying  dirt and make my face brighter and smoother. Finally,I dab some Dr Organics Tea Tree Pure Oil on my face in the morning and at night after cleansing. It stings for the first 45seconds,after which I’m fine and rest assured that the pain is definitely worth it :D.





I hope you found this article helpful. Have a great day!

Hugs and Kisses,


 P.S : If you have any leads of where I can purchase the Superdrug products in Lagos, please help a sister out :).


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