Makeup Haul : Bmpro Valentine’s Mega Sale Haul!


Hey Glam Royals,

How did your Valentine’s weekend go? I know a lot of ladies got engaged…whoop whoop!! Congratulations darlings!!! Remember to contact me for your wedding makeup o…hehehe. Okay,back to the matter, few days before Valentine’s day,I saw the ad for the  Bmpro Valentine’s Mega Sale and  I said to myself… ‘I’m not going to let it pass without buying some products :D’. I wasn’t quite sure if their Ikeja branch would participate,so I made plans to go to Lekki on the 2nd day of the sales. I had to work on Valentine’s day andI thought it would be a lot  easier to go to the island on a Saturday. Anyway,I found out just before I left home to work on Friday that all Bmpro stores were participating…yay!. So, I went there after the job and got some products that I had been meaning to add to my kit.

Here are pictures of the products I got and their sale prices.

Sales Price – 1,500naira
Original Price – 2,600naira
Sales Price – 1,500naira
Original Price – 2,600naira
Sales Price – 1,500naira
Original Price – 2,600naira
Sales Price – 1,500naira
Original Price – 2,600naira
Sales Price – 3,000naira
Original Price – 3,860naira (Found  out that this is either an old or wrong price)
Sales Price – 2,000naira
Original Price – 2,800naira
Sales Price – 1,650naira



I’m so glad I bought these products. I can’t wait to use and share reviews with you. Have a great day lovelies!

Hugs and Kisses,






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