Skincare : My Everyday Step By Step Facial Skincare Routine

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I hope your weekend went well. Mine was great and I’m so grateful to God for that. So,I’ve been getting requests about different topics to talk about on the blog and I’m really happy about that 🙂 . It shows that you,my darlings,enjoy reading my posts…woohoo! 😀 . Okay,so one of the topics is how I take care of my skin especially my face. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while,you would know how and when my skincare journey started and how far I’ve come. It’s been an interesting and rewarding one and I’m always glad to share my tips with you. Okay,I’m not in the best position to recommend any skincare products but you may give these, a try because they have worked and are still working for me.

As we know,every skincare routine involves the important C.T.M steps. C.T.M means Cleanse,Tone,Moisturize. When you do these beauty routine regularly,you’ll definitely have a better skin,trust me. Here are my everyday step by step facial skincare.

My Everyday Skincare Products


  1.  I have a sensitive skin,so I stay away from perfumed or medicated soap. I use a regular bath soap for my face like Dudu Osun Black Soap. This is a local herbal black soap which is really fantastic for the skin.
  2. I wash my face with Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash.
  3. I scrub my face once-twice a week with Eden Apricot Scrub For Face And Body.
  4. Then,I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner to take out any left over dirt or impurities off my face. This toner also helps to even out my skin tone and also enhances my complexion.
  5. I have an oily face,so I tend to be tempted to leave my face bare after using the toner but that’s not a good thing. Moisturizing the face helps to restore nutrient to the skin and  also makes the skin appear supple and soft. I use the Aveeno Facial Moisturizer and also Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel to take care of any acne that may want to ‘show face’.

There goes my easy everyday step by step facial skincare. I do them all (except scrubbing) every morning and night in less than 10minutes.

I hope you found the post helpful. What’s your everyday skincare routine like? I would love to know.


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