Product Review : Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners

I heard about the Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners sometime last year and I also saw them at the Wed Expo Lagos few months back but I wasn’t really keen about buying because my blackUp Kohl pencil does a great job. Fast forward to about a week ago, I got a message from Zainab Azeez of Z.A Makeovers saying she would like to send some products my way,so I could try out. Ah well,who says no to freebies? Definitely not me…hehehe 😀 . The Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners in black and blue were part of the freebies and I was actually interested in finding out why there’s so much hype about them. Mabrook says ‘ The Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliner is soft, super long wear and waterproof’. I have worn both of them (black and blue) and here’s what I think:

Product Review : Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners


Packaging: They come as thick black pencils with the colors and codes clearly written on them. The end of the pencil has the color of the pencil,so it’s very easy to identify in case the inscription fades off.


Application: I apply directly to my waterline. I also use it on my lids to create a smokey look and also as an upper eyelid eyeliner.

Formula: There isn’t so much information about the formula, so I will skip this part.

Swatches – One Swipe


  • The Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners are highly pigmented.
  • They are very soft and ideal for use on the water line.
  • They are long lasting as Mabrook claims.
  • They are waterproof.
  • I love how the colors pop in just one swipe. Awesome stuff!
  • They apply smoothly…this is fantastic because my clients won’t even blink before I’m done lining their eyes...hehe
  • Can be used as eyeshadow base.


  • If the pencil is not properly covered with the cap,it will dry out. However, if that happens, you can break off the dried-off tip and sharpen the pencil.
  • The pencils are soft, so if you exert too much force while applying, they may break off.


Overall, I am in love with these Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners. They are EVERYTHING and more! Now, I think I have found the perfect pencil eyeliners. No more tugging at the delicate waterline…phew!!! They are quite similar to the blackUp kohl pencil range but cheaper. They retail for 2,000naira and you can get them here . I got some Jioney Lip glosses as freebies too and I shall be posting a review real soon 😀 . You should look out for the post. Have you used any of these Mabrook Extremely Soft Eyeliners? I would love to know your thoughts. Have a Joyful June ahead darlings!


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