Product Review : Ease Cosmetics 24-Hour Matte Lipglosses

Hi darlings, 

Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses that were sent to me a couples of weeks back. I own an Ease Cosmetics contour brush and I was excited when I got the message from the brand about wanting me to review their lippies 😀 . According to Ease Cosmetics, these lip-glosses are cruelty free, highly pigmented, amazing to wear and have incredible staying power.  Now, here’s my review:

img_7647Packaging : The Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses come in rectangular lip-gloss tubes with lip wands.

Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses

Formula : Each of them has a glossy formula which dries off matte.

Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses.L-R : Cheesy, Envy and Danger

How I Use : I moisturize my lips well before applying this lip gloss to avoid excessive dryness.

Lip swatches . L-R : Danger, Cheesy and Envy

Pros :

  • The Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses glide on smoothly on the lips.
  • Color pay off is fantastic.
  • They are highly pigmented.
  • The Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses come in 10 vibrant colors.

Cons :

  • Unpleasant smell.
  • Patchy finish.

Overall, Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses look quite pretty. I particularly like how they were packaged when I got them. The colors are great too. Okay, I’m very sensitive to smell and as such these lip glosses didn’t cut it for me in that area. The chemical smell made it unpleasant. Also, Cheesy was the first one I tried out  and the first application was too light, so I thought to add a little more but then, it got patchy and flaky. I was almost turned off but I decided to try  the others and they were quite different…better actually. So, I think it’s the formula that may have been the cause of the patchiness in Cheesy. There’s definitely room for improvement. As I mentioned, these glosses glide on smoothly and they last long. My favorite of these three is Danger. They retail for 3000naira and you can check out @ease_cosmetics on Instagram to get yours or send me a direct message via [email protected]. Do you own any of the Ease Cosmetics 24-hour Matte Lip-glosses? How do you like it/them?

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S : I was not paid for this review, these are my honest opinion about the products.


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  • I love the color Danger on you. I was honestly tempted to purchase these but just do not have the patience to layer patchy liquid lipsticks.

  • Hey, thanks Resiliently me! Aww, I quite understand how you feel but it was only the pink one that gave me a hard time, others were fantastic! X

    • Hello Yinda. The next one is in December. Make sure to subscribe to my blog, so you’ll be the first to hear about it! X

  • Saw the envy on my friend today and it was really beautiful, had to collect it from her. How do I get to order them, love the fact that it stays on for so long.

    • Ah it’s nice to hear a great review about the glosses! You can check them out on Instagram @ease_cosmetics. X

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