Cleopatra Eye Makeup Tutorial (SP)

Ancient history is filled with women who were celebrated for their activism, bravery, intelligence, as well as beauty. People were mesmerized by the presence of these women. Though thousands of years have passed since their reign, their legacy lives on, especially in the beauty industry, as brands base skincare collections on ancient beauty secrets and makeup lines on figures like Cleopatra.
Regarded as one of history’s most beautiful women on ListAmaze, Cleopatra was an icon, and “her beauty, as we are told, was in itself neither altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her.” Though she is known for much more than just her abilities in makeup, her beauty routines were one of her biggest influences in the modern world.

The media continues to showcase iconic looks from Macedonia’s last ruler. From older depictions in which Liz Taylor played the leading role for the most famous of Cleopatra movies, to contemporary portrayals on the newly launched BGT Games that has Cleopatra among its titles, the queen was clearly a master in eye makeup.
Although heavy kohl liner and bright, pigmented shadows may prove to be too much for an everyday or office look, you do have the option of only using some components of her eye makeup. As many images indicate across the web, her makeup routine was composed of dramatic eyeliner and bold eyeshadows, which is perfect for a night out but may seem out of place in the workplace. One thing you can do is just wear Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner to make you look and feel like a goddess, without going too heavy on the eye makeup. To do this, line your upper and lower lids with dramatic, sharp lines, making sure that both lines are of equal length. All Day Chic suggests prepping your eyes with primer first to make the black liner last longer.
Other than the double flick, you can also opt for winged eyeliner with bold eyebrows and shadows from a nude palette, similar to the look executed by Dheandra Nicolette. This swaps out Cleopatra’s usual blues and greens for subtler colors that still add a wow factor to your eyes without making it look like you’re headed to a themed party.
As you can see, eyebrows are also very important in a Cleopatra look. To nail the perfect brows, check out an earlier post called “How to Draw Eyebrows,” complete with a video tutorial.


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