Eyebrows: How To Draw The Eyebrows (Tutorial)

Drawing the eyebrows is one hot topic in beauty. Every time I check my stats, I see a lot of ‘how to draw the eyebrows’ searches. I have pictorials on how to draw the eyebrows here and  here. However, due to popular demand, I decided to do a quick eyebrow tutorial on my youtube page. Please feel free to check it out, give me a thumbs-up if you like it and want more tutorials and also subscribe. Enjoy! 😀 .



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  • Glamosphere I’m in a fix I can’t seem to buy the right make-up products. Could you help me out with a list of make-up products for dark skin coz I’ve thrown away my make-up bag due to this. I have an oily face too.Thanks

    • Hi Mary, aww I know that feeling. I have some posts on makeup for oily skin. Please type ‘oily skin’ in the search box and they’ll pop up. If you have further questions, please feel free to shoot me a mail via [email protected]. Have a great new week! Xx

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