4 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Foundation Shade

So, you’re looking to buy a foundation but not sure about your shade. Here are 4 Tips How To Choose The Perfect Foundation Shade.

1. Try it on your jawline and very close to your neck. Please do not rely on testing foundation shades on your wrist. Your hands are likely a different shade to your face. You’ll be wearing the foundation on your face anyway, so that’s just the perfect place to try it out. The foundation should blend into your skin if it’s your right shade, otherwise, you’ll see lines or color disparity.

2. Check the foundation shade in daylight. Stand near a window or head outside to check your color. If you go to test it at a makeup stand/store, make sure you go outside to check . The lighting in many stores can affect the way your makeup looks in and outside the store.

3. Look at your bare skin and check how rosy (pink toned) or golden (yellow toned) it is. If it’s rosy you probably have a cool undertone, if it’s golden you probably have a warm undertone. If it’s a combination of the two or you simply can’t identify it as one of the other, you have a neutral undertone.

4. Moisturizing creamy foundations are better for mature dry skin. For normal-oily skin, an oil free or Mineral Foundation is ideal.

With these tips, I hope you’ll be able to choose your perfect foundation shade . Do you have more tips? Please leave them in the comments section below.


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