My Morning Skincare Routine For Oily/Combination Skin

Hi Glam Fam! I can’t believe it took me this long to share my updated morning skincare routine with you…*coversface*. For the past few months, I’ve faithfully incorporated these skincare products into my daily regimen and they’ve been the game-changers behind my radiant skin. Today, I’m finally sharing my current morning routine with you because it’s been a bit since the last one. If you have oily/combination and acne prone skin, this routine is definitely for you.

Let’s dive into the lineup of products that have become my trusted companions:

Face Cleanser
  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser: This gentle yet effective cleanser sets the stage by purifying my skin, leaving it refreshed and ready for the next steps.
  • Simple Soothing Facial Cleanser: The simple toner adds a soothing touch, prepping my skin and ensuring it’s a clean canvas for the following treatments.
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Anti-Aging Hydrating Moisturizer: Hydration meets anti-aging in this luxurious moisturizer, leaving my skin supple and ready to take on the day.
Lip Balm
  • Seraphine Botanicals Cranberry + Dew – Dewy Lip Remedy: Pampering my lips with this dewy lip remedy ensures they stay soft and hydrated throughout the day.

There you have it – my morning skincare routine laid bare! 🙂 . I hope you found this peek into my regimen helpful. If you’re using any of these products or have skincare favorites of your own, I’d love to hear about them. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s chat about our skincare journeys! 😀 

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