Let’s Get Smokey!

Smokey is one of my all-time fave makeup looks. Celebrities like IMAN, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Sasha Pee………..wear it so well. I don’t love it cos of them, though…lols (ok im kidding…I love ‘em all).The gothic effect that it gives to the face is just so outstanding and glamorous when done properly. I have had conversations with so many ladies, as regards getting this cool beauty look. They all seemed to have the same application issue. So here’s to them, and of course, YOU. Oh yes, you’re special like that *winks*.


After drawing out and highlighting those gorgeously arched brows, proceed by using a medium-sized round brush to apply charcoal gray or any dark shade of eye shadow of your choice, to the eyelids. Blend the colour towards the crease line. For the “subtle” day effect, go easy on the eye colour, but get dramatic for the “super glam” evening/party time. Two coats of mascara always do the eyes, justice. Then line inside the lower lids with a black eyeliner pencil/gel. An earth toned blush and soft pink lipstick or gloss would be appropriate for this look as these will tone down the edginess of the look and make it all pretty and chic. Touch up the face with a blot powder.

And there goes your smokey hawt self!!!!…Have fun, ladies (*smiles*).

Remember that less is more and ALWAYS keep it GLAMOROUS…



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