Black Radiance Product Cases

I love Black Radiance products. They are of fantastic quality and very affordable. I own some of these awesome products and I’m always happy to use them on my face and my clients’. However,i have been disappointed by their product cases a number of times.

About a few months back, my favorite Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer broke… *sadface*. I didn’t dwell in the “down moment” for too long ’cause I thought i may have been careless while carrying it around during the job. However, i kept the broken powder and i still use till date.

Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer
Broken Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer (closed)
20131015-121542.jpg Broken Mosaic Bronzer (opened)

I was out for another job, the other day and had a lot of faces to ‘beat’, I took my whole freelance kit with me which had the ever so faithful Black Radiance Plum Sorbet blush in it. After the job, I had so much to pack and little time, then I packed the Plum Sorbet and some other products in my  Zuca Utility Pouch. The following day, I decided to transfer the products in the Zuca bag into the makeup box. Lo and behold! there lied my Plum Sorbet all broken… *wails*. I was heartbroken and upset!!!

20131015-121602.jpg Plum Sorbet blush (closed)


20131015-121534.jpg Black Radiance Plum Sorbet blush (opened)

I think Black Radiance should step up their game when it comes to packaging of their products especially the ones in the square-shaped cases. They could actually make them in cases like MAC’s, Bobbi Brown’s or NARS’s, as those ones are very had to break. So, if you have or are planning to buy any of these products, please ensure to put them in a makeup box or avoid carrying them around, so you don’t end having cracked blushes and powders like mine…*rollseyes*.

I hope this helps! Have a fab Sallah celebration and a wonderful holiday!

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