8 Makeup Tricks That Will Make You Look Younger

We all want to find the fountain of youth, even if it’s just with the magic of cosmetics. One thing is certain, after we exit our teenage years, no one is applying makeup to look older anymore. However, some makeup application mistakes can inadvertently age you.


To get a handle on strategic makeup moves that lend a vibrant, youthful vibe, here are some makeup tips.

White out your waterline. To open up those peepers for a younger gaze,  line the inside of the waterline with a kohl-based white pencil like Lancôme’s Le Crayon Khôl . The white color diminishes shortly, but a touch will be left in lower lashes which achieves that innocent and youthful, clean look.

Line your lashes. On the flip side, you can also add a touch of youth with black liner to enhance your lashes. Use a waterproof cream liner and nylon angle brush, like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack or Zaron Long Wear Gel Liner, to darken the roots of your lashes before applying mascara. Thicker-looking lashes make the eyes pop without a bunch of fussy makeup.

Go for the gold. Lighter is always going to read younger, even though some women love a dramatic eye look. For the best of both worlds, instead of going dark and daring, play with glowing shadows instead. Take a golden shadow, or a much-lighter highlighting shadow, and apply to the center of your eyelid. This opens up the eye, but doesn’t change the mood of your smoky eye, while keeping it fresh and young with just a sweep. To get the look, try MAC Amber lights or Wood winked eyeshadow.

Be strategic with your concealer. As you age, the areas around your nose and the inner corners of your eyes begin to darken. To remedy, apply concealer to both of those areas (try L.A Girl Pro Concealers), but there is no need to apply in a semicircle under your eyes. Never go through laugh lines with concealer, either. Just stick to those two areas. And make sure the shade matches your skin tone exactly in areas where you want more coverage. Most women go a shade or two lighter, which actually makes imperfections stand out more. Not sure how to tell if your concealer is too light? Take a selfie!

Lighten under your brow. Adding a swipe of concealer under the brow bone helps to wake up eyes. Stay away from sparkle or illuminator, especially during the day, which can create a worn-out look. Try a thin concealer pencil instead of using your finger or brush to apply. The product goes on a little heavier this way, and your application is spot-on. My Go-to concealer is the L.A Girl Pro Concealer.

Try an illuminating lip gloss. Guess what? The throwback lip gloss of yesteryear can help you tap into the fountain of youth again—with just this one twist. Use a gloss with illuminators. This helps create flawless, lineless luscious lips. I opt for these instead of matte or sparkle. I particularly like INGLOT AMC Lip Gloss, because many brands don’t have a formula like this right now.”

Make skin glow after your makeup application. Face oils are all the rage right now but instead of applying to prep skin, add these after makeup application. Pat down beauty oil around the eye area, forehead and in any dry areas you have. The key here is making sure you don’t rub in the oil. Avoiding those circular motions will help create the perfect, youthful dew. I recommend Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil . This oil hydrates and sets makeup without it sliding off.

Choose the right blush. Nothing says young and pretty like a flush of pink across the cheeks. I like a using a small amount of a bright blush, which keeps the complexion looking fresh and vibrant. Try MAC’s Peony Petal. A healthy flush will also make your eyes appear clearer.
Cheers to a younger-looking you!


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