7 Makeup Tips For Girls That Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses especially the prescribed ones should not stop you from looking nice. No one really likes to look boring, you see! I know some of my girls that wear glasses feel relunctant to apply makeup sometimes. This is why I have compiled a list of some makeup tips for girls that wear glasses. This will definitely up your ‘nerdy’ game. Ladies, are you ready to check out my list of 7 Makeup Tips For Girls That Wear Glasses? Okay, here they are :

  • Stay neutral – When it comes to eye makeup, always steer clear of bold colors, instead use neutral shades because the glasses will cover them up anyway. So, remember to keep it simple.


  • Save bright colors for the lips  – With glasses covering the eyes, the lips should be the point for bold statement. So, you can go ahead to rock your lush pink, bright red or orange lippies.
  • Double mascara– This is one of my favorite makeup tips and it works so well. Double coat of mascara on both top and bottom lashes will elongate them and make the lashes look fuller and lush.


  • Gel liner – Wearing liners on the eye lids is the best makeup for girls that wear glasses. It gives the face and eyes a lift. The cat eye look looks sultry and nice…hehehe. However, here’s a tip ; Thinner frames, thinner liner – Thicker frames, thicker liner.
  • Define your brows with eyebrow pencil – Yes please! Always define your brows with brow pencils for the face lift.


  • Brighten up your under eyes – Using a brighter pencil for the under eyes is a great way to give your eyes some attention and little drama.


  • Use a great foundation to highlight your complexion – Make sure to use a fantastic foundation in your right shade. This give your face a fab look and nice base .

I hope you found these makeup tips for girls that wear glasses helpful. Be nerdy and hot! 😉


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