Beauty Tips : My Top 5 Foundations For Oily Skin

Hi darlings,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I kinda did…not much happened though. So, over the weekend, I met some beautiful women and they all had the same question for me. The question was ‘what are the best foundations for oily skin?’. Oh yes! I gave them my best foundations for oily skin and thought why not share it with you too. I have used quite a lot of foundations in my line of work and I have come up with a list of my top 5 foundations for oily skin. In no particular order, here they are :

  • Revlon Color Stay Foundation For Oily/Combination Skin – Price is 3,700naira. It’s available for purchase here.


  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation – Price is 2,500naira. It’s available for sale here.


  • Black Up Full Coverage Cream Foundation – Price is 7,030naira. You can purchase at BlackUp Boutique, Shop L072 ,City Mall Shopping Complex, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation with SPF 15 – Price is 8,500naira. You can purchase at any MAC Store.


  • Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Foundation – Price is 2,800naira. It’s available for sale here


I’m still trying out other brands and I shall update this list as soon as I discover more fantastic foundations for oily skin. I hope you found this post helpful. What is/are your best foundation(s) for oily skin? I would love to know!


Hugs and Kisses,


(P.S – Prices are subject to change based on various factors like forex etc.)



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  • Hi missglam, i have a question. I use Maybelline super stay foundation in colour 070 Cocoa or Mac NW45. Pls can you tell me the name of the shade that is the same as Cocoa in Revelon foundation and Maybelline fit me foudation. I look forward to your reply.thank you

    • Hi Jummie. Okay, going by the MAC Nw45 shade, I would recommend Revlon ColorStay in Cappuccino or Maybelline Fit me in Coconut. I hope this helps. Xx

  • Hi, am so interested in the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, i stay in Abuja, where can i get, i have tried some stores but could not get it.

    • Haha…I can imagine. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Thanks for stopping by, Muna…hope to see you more often! X

  • Very helpful Bt am finding it difficult to pick a shade, I was using Iman poweder in clay medium and Mary Kay foundation 504 what shade do u recommend fr revlon and the 2 maybelline products

  • Hi Miss glam, aren’t these foundation brands comedogenic? I was told they make people prone to acne and break out.

    • Hi Sharon. I believe we spoke on the phone earlier this week. Yes, they do not clog pores and are fantastic for oily and acne prone skin! X

  • Hi Miss glam. Pls which shade do I use in revlon? Am currently using Milani foundation, colour 109.

  • Hi Miss glam. Just bumped into your blog while i was searching online for best products for oily skin (like you didn’t see that coming…lol!!) Any way i was wondering what you would recommend as the best revlon shade as an alternative to MaryKay (medium coverage) bronze 507

  • I have an oily face . pls do you think i should use revlon colourstay or blackup foundation. thank you

  • I’ve always wanted that fit me foundation but have no idea what my shade would be. I’m an NFL 06 in blackup and caramel in maybelline superstay.

  • Please I use mary kay bronze 600 foundation but I want to switch to Relvon or Fit me foundation bcos of ur post, pls what shade will u advice me to go for so I won’t regret changing my brand.


  • Great job. Would love to know the correct shade of maybelline and Revlon color stay foundation(s) for mac nc 50. I am a newbie to foundations n thankfully stumbled on your helpful post. Thanks.

  • Please I would love to I use Mary Kay 607, what shade will should I get for the maybelline fit me foundation??

  • hello miss glam, I found this post to be very useful, but my challenge I changed from mary kay matte wear to Revlon colorstay, infact i have not used it for two months then i started breaking out.
    however i have stopped using the foundation im presently battling with clearing the spots. I need to go back to my beauty regime but im so scared what do i do?

    • Hi Opeyemi, aww so sorry to hear that! Did you by any chance, change any of the products you use on your face asides the foundation? I hardly hear about break outs from using Revlon colorstay foundation but it’s good you’ve stopped using it. Now, let’s see what’s causing the break out and know the next step to take. You could check out my skin care regimen and products to try out. Please let me know how it goes! X

  • nice job, currently use milani 109 and honey miel 03 concealer,if i want to change to maybelline what shade will i use. thanks

  • Hello miss glam. thanks for this. I recently gave up on all foundations as I can’t deal with the oil but this is giving me life. For a very oil skin, please which foundation and powder would u recommend? I don’t mind reaching out to u personally.

  • Hi, I use zaron zz10 and Mary kay 500 foundation but I want to change because they don’t help the oil on my face. What powder and foundation should I go for and what colours.

  • Please can you do a review on L’oreal infallible pro matte. I’m caught between buying it or the maybelline matte and poreless. I’m a dark person.

    • we both in the same position, even tho I hear the L’Oréal infallible pro matte is better, I guess I will just wait for her review.

  • Hey dear…Pls I use tara foundation in t12..what shade of revlon would u recommend for me? I’m currently in onitsha and I need it urgently. Thanks.

  • Hi. Please i use a marykay foundation 600 bt would wnt to chng to Revlon. what colour should i go for? and also which mineral powder can i use to blend. thnk u.

  • I know this is an old post. But please i use Mary Kay 607, what colour of Revlon foundation would you recommend for me. And also maybelline powder please

  • Hi pls I use Marykay 607 I want to change to L’Oréal infallible, pls I would love to know which shade of the L’Oréal is perfect for me, thank u.

  • thank you for the review its very helpful. please do you know about glam’s makeup creamy matte foundation? and would you advise me to use it because i have very oily skin. thanks again!

    • Hi Yvonne. Thanks a lot for reading and I’m glad you found it helpful. Well, I haven’t used the glam’s makeup foundation. So, I won’t be able to say whether it’s suitable for oily skin or not. However, if that’s the claim by the brand, please feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes! X

  • Hi Miss Glam, Really need your help as I’m so confused. I currently use Mac NW43. What corresponding shade would I use in Revlon Colour Stay/Black Opal/Mary K? I have a oily skin. Thank you.

  • Hi Glam O. I use Mary Kay 507 which colour will i use in Mac and Black Up and how do i order for them in Lagos

  • Hi…..Pls I use zaron maxi blend XZ25 powder. Pls what foundation can I use with it. Should I try FZ25? I have mild acne on face though. Tnx

  • Hi, My name is Glory and I stay in ibadan. Thanks for this information and I just learnt that this foundations are actually affordable I used to think they cost more but please my question is if I want to buy a foundation brand from your website how do I know my foundation shade because I have a lot of issues with that and thanks so much for including the prices of this products in your article because I had no idea of their prices before. Each time I go online I usually get their prices in dollars but thanks for including the prices in naira. As for the mac foundation I went to their store here in ibadan and they said it is #13,500 which is quite much and not #8,500. But all the same thanks so much this has made my day. Please I would love if you can reply me soon through my email address. Thank you so much and have a nice day.

    • Hi Glory, it’s really nice to read from you. About the prices, this post is actually old and the prices of products have gone up for a while now. To get your foundation shade, please use the contact/consult me link in the menu bar or call 07031852283. Thank you so much and hope to hear from you! Xx

  • Hiii, I am Bukky. Thanks for this post. I am dark and I have issues with finding the right foundation shade for me, can you please help with howi can get that and then can you recommend a non waxy brow pencil? Thanks in anticipation

  • Hello missglam, which colour of Revlon or glam foundation is suitable for a person that uses Fawn colour LA Girl pro concealer. Thanks

  • Hi Miss Glam, Please which shade should I use in Fit me maybelline? Cuz I’m currently using Mary Kay foundation In shade 507.

  • Hi miss glam , just subscribed today !
    I use zikiel foundation in Golden caramel but want to use the maybelline mousse matte foundation now.. pls recommend a shade in maybelline for me. Where can I get it in Abuja? Thank yu

    • Yay…welcome to the Glam Family, Maria! Oh, I haven’t used any of Zikel’s products. You may have to go for a foundation test at any makeup store/studio close to you. X

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