7 Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Welcome back to a new week. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. It’s a rainy Monday morning here…best way to get through it, is to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax and read my blog 😀 . Okay, today, I’m sharing 7 makeup mistakes and how to fix them! I hope you enjoy reading 😉 .

7 Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them
  • Wearing water proof mascara everyday : I know…I know, water proof mascaras are fantastic but they are meant for occasions where you don’t want to ruin your makeup like on your wedding day, when you want to swim or days when you know that mascara has got to stay put. A lot of women tend to wear waterproof mascaras everyday and it’s absolutely wrong because they’ll cause damage to your lashes and they may start to fall out. To fix this, please buy the regular non-waterproof mascaras for everyday wear.  L’Oreal, Zaron and Maybelline have the best mascaras ever. You can find them here.


  • Wearing bronzer all over the face : You really do not want to look like you’re ‘wearing the sun’ on your face, eh?!  The bronzer is meant for the highlights of your face like on the apple of your cheeks, bridge of your nose and/or on your temple. So, please ladies, let’s fix it.


  • Choosing a lighter foundation for the face : Ah, a lot of women are guilty of this! Wanting to go a shade lighter is understandable but when your face starts to look like it’s from another body, girl…STOP! To fix this makeup mistake, please ladies, go to your makeup artist or a makeup store and have your proper shade tested and given to you. You could also try it out on the side of your cheek, the one that blends in better is your shade.


  • Using black eye pencil to fill in the brows : This is one of the makeup mistakes that gives me a headache…like literally! Women are so aware of makeup do’s and dont’s now but I still see some black eyebrows here and there. Ladies, there are lots of brown pencil shades for every skin tone, find yours!


  • Not blending out the lip liner/using dark lipliner : I know people like the ombré lip look and all but blending is key! Blend out the lip liner and always choose the lip liner that’s closer to the lip color you intend to use on your lips. That way, everything coordinates and your makeup looks pretty and cute.


  • Sleeping with makeup on : This cannot be over emphasized and I really don’t know if women that sleep with their makeup on feel comfortable doing so. I wanted to see what happens when you sleep with your makeup on, so I gave it a go one night. By the time, I woke up, I saw breakouts on my face, no jokes! Please take off your makeup before you go to bed, your skin deserves the kindness…haha. But seriously, it will save you from some serious skin issues in the future.


  • Over tweezing/plucking your eyebrows : Well, before I learnt how to do makeup professionally, I used to have my eyebrows done by my hairstylist whom I thought did an amazing job even when he would shave half of my eyebrows off 🙁 . I’m glad that I know way better now. This is an everyday makeup mistake amongst women and I always recommend that you go to a makeup artist or an eyebrow bar to get professional eyebrow grooming. If you keep plucking and shaving off your brows, some of the hair will stop growing eventually.


Are you guilty of any of these 7 makeup mistakes? Do you have any more makeup mistakes you’ll like to share? Please leave your comments below cos I would love to read from you. Have a great week ahead!

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  • I’m guilty of no 6. Sometimes its just so much work washing your make-up off when you come back from work tired and dying to hit the bed. I hear it gives dark spots though, so I am becoming really conscious of this.

    • Aww…I can totally relate but please try to take everything off before going to bed even if it’s with facial wipes.

  • I wear waterproof mascara all the time, because I get smudges under my eyes from my eye moisturizer. It’s a very emollient cream that helps the delicate tissue under my eyes from looking wrinkly, but it of course makes non-water proof mascara bleed. I don’t want to be damaging my lashes, but if I use any powder or anything under my eyes to lessen the cream’s moisture, I feel it accentuates the undereye lines. Sigh, it’s always something! Any thoughts on this dilemma?

    • Hi Angela. I totally understand. What I could advise is that you apply your moisturizer first, allow it to dry before applying your powder. Then, you can apply mascara. I hope this helps! Xx.

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