Beauty Tips : How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day For Oily Skin

Having oily skin has it’s own advantages of being less prone to wrinkles and a well moisturized face. It also has it’s disadvantages of being prone to acne amongst others. However, being oily-skinned doesn’t mean you can’t have long lasting makeup. It’s about knowing the techniques and right products to use for your skin type. Here are 6 ways of how to make your makeup last all day for oily skin.

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day For Oily Skin

1. Always use a primer /mattifier. This helps to minimize the appearance of pores. It also makes the makeup last longer while reducing the oil. Here and here are some links to some primers/mattifiers that I would recommend.

2. Go easy on the foundation. Opt for a liquid foundation instead of a cream based one . I have a list of foundations for oily skin here.

3. Don’t overdo your powder. Less is usually more when it comes to powders. It’s better to apply very little powder , so your face doesn’t look cakey and the skin is unable to breathe. I use MAC mineralize skin finish because of it’s light weight formula.

4. Carry blotting paper. This has to be a staple in your bag every time you wear makeup. Use it to dab off oil from your face and your makeup stillstays put all day.

5. Look out for oil free and long wear products. This is very important when you’re buying makeup or beauty products for oily skin. Make sure to check out the label for products that are oil free and will last longer on the skin. This way, you’re investing right and wisely .

oil free
6. Use a treatment mask one or twice a week. This revitalizes and hydrates the skin.


I hope you found this post helpful. How do you make your makeup last all day?


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