Makeup Hygiene : My Five (5) Hygiene Essentials For Safe Makeup Application

It’s no news that there are a lot of micro organisms flying  all around. One of them is the Ebola Virus which most people especially in this part of the world are just hearing about and it’s saddening that it is claiming lives in our country 🙁 . So, I thought that as a microbiologist and makeup artist, I could do my part by sharing with you, my five (5) hygiene essentials for safe makeup application. We, makeup artists tend to be in close contact with our clients, so it’s best to practice safe and hygienic makeup application . Without further ado, here goes My Five (5) Hygiene Essentials For Safe Makeup Application.

  • A sanitizer – This comes in very handy especially when you’re working on a lot of faces and don’t have time to wash your hands before moving from one client to another. It’s easy to carry around too.Dettol_6204044_F
  • Alcohol : Alcohol is a must-have in any makeup artist’s kit as it has multi purpose uses. It can be used to disinfect tools, to clean brushes, to solve any bleeding emergency (e.g razor cut) amongst many other things. My fave is the Hegai and Esther 99% alcohol.index
  • Spatula : One way to avoid cross contamination of makeup products is to use a spatula (whether steel or plastic)  to scoop out the quantity needed for the makeup application.index2


  • Regular washing of tools : Brushes should be washed regularly to take off any accumulation of dirt as a result of continuous use. I suggest that you wash your brushes at least once every week. This also depends on the frequency of usage.images2
  • Use of disposables : Using disposables is one of the best way to practice safe makeup application because once you’re done with them,you toss them away. I really advice that you invest in some. Hegai and Esther has some really affordable ones too.index 4

When we practice safe makeup application, we help to make the society and the world at large, a safer place to live in. Now, let’s stay safe while creating beautiful faces! Have a great weekend darlings!!!

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