Beauty Essentials : What’s In My Party Clutch?

Hi Glam Royals,

How are you doing? I know you are all ready for the weekend and the ‘owambes’ (parties)…woohoo! I am excited too but I’m not much a party person, you see! However, whenever I find myself actually attending one, there’s always an urge to carry my shoulder bag with me…hahaha. Sounds weird, right? I know…I know!! The reason is because I find it hard to choose what and what not to carry in my party clutch (which is usually small…rollseyes).


So, I have compiled a list of my party clutch must have and it seems to work for me and I thought to share!

Beauty Essentials : What’s In My Party Clutch?
  1. Blotting papers – I have combination/oily skin and my t-zone tends to get oily, so I always carry my blotting papers with me everywhere I go. My favorite at the moment is the Sleek Blotting Paper.
  2. Compact mirror – I don’t always enjoy having to go to the restroom to check my makeup. So, I keep a flat compact mirror with me, but I don’t bother going with one when I’m carrying a pressed powder compact.
  3. Translucent pressed powder – Translucent powders are amazing for touch ups. My favorite is the Khuraira translucent powder which is awesome! It is very lightweight, easy to carry on and keeps my face looking fresh all day.
  4. Lip color of choice – There’s always something to eat and drink at parties. I like to keep a lip gloss in my purse. The NYX Highshine Lipgloss in Beige is one of my favorite lip glosses at the moment. I lavveet!
  5. Travalo – I never leave home without my Travalo. I tend to mix my perfumes and having something this portable to carry around is a blessing! Sometimes, I forget to spray on a perfume before leaving the house but this helps me everytime, I do.
  6. Breath mints/gum – Bad breath can make people look the other way…haha. It’s advisable to carry a pack of mint gum or breathe mints in your party clutch to help your breathe minty and fresh.
  7. Lash glue – This one is also optional. I never get to reapply lash glue once I’m done with my makeup but if you’re wearing false lashes and you’ve got oily lids or you’re at a party where it’s hot and humid, the falsies are going to start lifting at some point and worse can happen too! My advice is to keep that lash glue with you.
  8. Pocket tissues – I like to carry pocket tissues in my party clutch. It comes handy when I need to dust off or clean anything at all.
  9. Credit/Business card holder – Having a card holder saves me the stress of carrying my wallet around. I like to carry my business cards and one of my bank cards in my clutch. I never know who, I’ll bump into at the party. OK, I also carry some cash just incase the ATM/POS Machines don’t work. I can’t mop floors or washes dishes o…hahaha.

What’s in your party clutch? I would love to know. Have a fabulous weekend,darlings!


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