Missglam Goes FAB!!!

Hey Glam beings,

How’s it going? I hope your week’s been interesting. So I’m sitting here thinking I’ve got so many things to share but so little space. Many fashion shows happened in November and December last year and yours truly (*fluttering lashes*),was a part of some of them. I’m so excited to share my experiences, so I’m gonna post them one at a time. Cool,eh?

FAB magazine had a night out which featured a fashion show where some talented designers like Orange Culture, Mimi Lee London and PhunkAfrique came to thrill the guests with their awesome collection. I was a part of the Make Up Team, used BLUSH makeup products which are fantastic, by the way. It was fun fun backstage, as usual. We made the clothes and hair look FAB…hehehe.

Ok I think my grammar is becoming to much..lol. This is the part where I upload the pictures from behind the stage to the runway. Yay!!! Have fun checking them out.

Doing what I do best…..

Some shots I took with my camera after models were makeup-perfect…

Models made up by Me, strutting the runway..*smiles*

I got a quick snapshot with one of the designers, Funke Ogunde (PhunkAfrique)

Oh yeah, I got to makeup her pretty face ,though all she wanted were lined-eyes and pink lips….(she’s not a makeup person)*rme*…lol.

A great nite out,I must say!!!

Hugs and Kisses.


I’m a beauty blogger, love to write, share experiences and keep you up to date, as I embark on my fab journeys into the world of beauty, fashion and all things stylish!

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