My Current Haircare Routine

In 2019, an unfortunate but rather funny incident happened during my haircare routine (story for another post, maybe…lool). This led to cutting it short. Got quite a lot of questions about why I did…because it was pretty long. Also, people close to me knew how much I cared about my hair and felt about cutting it.

However, after that experience, I was determined to enjoy the new look and had a mindset that it’s just hair, it will definitely grow (fiingerscrossed). So, with that in mind, I decided to take a few steps which have helped so far in helping to maintain a healthy hair growth.

My Current Haircare Routine
My Current Haircare Routine

Haircare Tips

  • Leave Your Hair Alone – You read that right! Avoid over-manipulating your hair. As much as possible, I avoid combing or changing hairstyles too frequently. Just imagine stretching and twisting a rubber band all the time. It will definitely lose its elasticity and durability. This also applies to hair. Simply, let it rest.
  • Protective Hairstyles – These are lifesavers cos combing my hair can be a chore. When it’s not in a very low maintenance bun or loose ponytail, it’s in cornrows. Definitely a way to keep my hair neat and avoid unnecessary manipulation.
  • Apply Relaxer Every 4-6 months – I used to do a relaxer touch up every 3 months before what happened in 2019 but decided to make it six (6) months afterwards. I know that’s a long stretch but it has helped. If you’re someone like me, who wears wigs most of the time, it should be pretty easy. If not, you may consider four (4) months instead. So, I recently had my hair relaxed at a salon…wanted a different touch and some pampering, you know…but never again cos my scalp hurt for almost two weeks 🙁 . I’m definitely going back to doing it myself at home. Here’s how I relax my hair at home and a few tips on how to take care of relaxed hair.
  • Nutrition – Take your nutrition seriously, Glam Fam! Apart from the impact this has on your overall well-being, it has a positive effect on your hair as well. Some people swear by hair vitamins/supplements. It’s ok if you do too but I’m very careful with supplements…in fact drugs in general. Moreover, most haircare vitamins/supplements contain biotin which can cause acne, skin rashes amongst other potential side effects. Now, I wouldn’t trade good skin for supplements that aren’t really necessary, would you?
  • Invest In Good Shampoo And Conditioner – To be honest, just find a brand that works for you and stick with it. You don’t have to break the bank to do this.

There, you have it! Go easy and be patient, you’ll see results before you know it.

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